Minggu, 03 Maret 2013


funny carricature was made by some unknown trainee during the AK3 training.

girls pic

there is this girl that I had a chance to snap earlier in the day, her name is eva and she's a nice girl. cost me approximately 20 bucks to be able to take her photo. ah well, at least it's worth it. I mean pretty girl are expensive. you need to know that right. so anyway I had created a watermark so you can't copy it and claimed that the picture is yours. I spend money to be able to snap her. so be appreciative.


Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

hey there

as you can see for yourself this blog domain name has changed. it uses http://blog.jacobian.me which is a subdomain from http://jacobian.me. at least the url is still short so that it will be easy to remember.

so anyway below is a machine for drying the laundry. use specifically for towels. very functional for those of you who have a hotel which uses so many towels for the guests DSC08847
for more info, then go here

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Engineering is the best major

if you want to get a job,then you should major in engineering study. be it in computer,mathematic, pyhsics and etc. as long as you study math and solve many technical problem. this is important because engineering changes the way people think and also many engineers are wanted by many companies. so next time you went to college, always choose engineering for your future.


"that employment prospects are dim for liberal-arts majors. Graduates from top engineering schools such as Duke are always in high demand. But PhDs in English from even the most prestigious universities, such as UC-Berkeley, can’t get jobs. The data I presented above were on the background of tech-company founders—those who made the transition into entrepreneurship"
- Engineering vs. Liberal Arts: Who’s Right—Bill or Steve? (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

blackberry's blockage

the upcoming policy that minister tifatul sembiring wanted to implement, i.e blocking all blackberry connection for the reason that RIM did not comply fully with indonesia's regulation. however RIM can provide the filtering for porn access because it was entirely easy to do but the complicated thing is regarding minister tifatul sembiring soliciting interception access of secured data routed through blackberry.this is next to impossible because well frankly, blackberry was made for the secured communication between its users. it uses highly advanced encryption technology that can only be broken by RIM itself.
I think the solution would be to pressure every indonesian people to use android smartphone instead as it's fully complied with all of the ministry's requirement. hahaha....


"But that's not going to help with the lawful intercept problem. BlackBerry messages are securely encrypted from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to the handset, so interception is next to impossible. RIM can place a BES in Indonesia, but anyone running their own BES will bypass that and thus be able to communicate securely."
- Indonesia puts RIM on two-week notice • The Register (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

believe in your convictions

it's impossible to please others, you just can't please everyone on this earth.you need to be true to yourself and don't get affected by other's people criticism.this is that always driven me in making decision. so the moral is to always believed in yourself and make it as your own virtues and this article can't better explained it than I do. :-)


"So what have the Kings of Leon done about this criticism? The answer is nothing, they have continued to make the music they love for millions of fans who love it too. Whatever you do you will never please everybody. The important thing is that you have the courage of your convictions and you believe in what you do and say even if others don’t."
- Why Trying to Please Everybody Pleases Nobody (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)

violent clashes

the things that happening in Egypt especially after the church bombing is worsening.I just can't accept the notion that violent are justified by the due process of religion.this is something that's still dumbstruck me the most.religion should try to make peace as a perpetuity.and strive to make humanity above all else. Trust me, this is similar to what Mahatma Gandhi had said before "victory attained by means of violence is tantamount to a defeat"


"the Associated Press reported that a mob of Christians broke into a nearby mosque, throwing books out into the street. On Saturday clashes continued between Christian protesters and police wiedling tear gas."
- Egypt Bombing Raises Fears of Sectarian Bloodshed - TIME (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)